Match Report
Westminster Under School Nemesis vs  Westminster Cathedral Choir School
On: Wednesday, 09 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

Nemesis FC (WUS) vs Westminster Cathedral Choir School (WCCS) Wednesday 9 October 2019 Match Report Score: 1-0 Manager: Mr Isaac NEMESIS GETS FIRST (INTER-SCHOOL) WIN OF THE SEASON! After a series of draws, two lucky wins and one disappointing loss, it was a joy for Nemesis to get their first inter-school win of the season against WCCS. After warm-ups, it was decided to play 11-a-side, meaning everyone in our 11 man squad would have to play the whole game. We lined up in a classic 4-4-2, but with a twist. Sebastian was joining us for the first time, and he played as a No. 10 in a central attacker position behind main man Kennan. 1. Gobind 2. Bhuvan 3. Christopher (c) 4. Leo 5. Sathvik 6. Jonathan 7. Rohan 8. Nicolas (Goal) (MVP) 9. Eric 10. Sebastian 11. Kennan (Assist) WCCS got the benefit of kickoff and the match was soon underway. WCCS tried to remain calm and composed but from the beginning, WUS was on their cases and pressuring them. Just under 5 minutes later, the first real opportunity came, with Kennan’s first touch shot going just wide of the goal. Minutes later Sebastian also had a go, but the attempt came to nothing. The first half was dominated by WUS who kept most of the possession. Eric and Jonathan on both wings tried to create chances but nothing came of it. It seemed as if even nature was against us scoring. A controversial moment occurred when a WCCS player seemingly purposefully handballed it while the referee was having a laugh with the opposition keeper. Appeals were made by WUS players but the referee dismissed all requests and motioned for play on. With only a couple of minutes to go, WUS finally got the chance they were looking for. An impressive counter attack started at the back from a misjudged throw-in, where it was intercepted by Christopher and played out onto the wing. Collected by Eric it was played to Nicolas, whose deadly one-two with Kennan lead to the first and only goal of the match. But WCCS weren’t done yet. The whistle hadn’t blown yet and they planned to keep the ball rolling (literally). Just minutes after the restart, a complacent defence almost gave away an equaliser, with the shot/cross just going wide of the post and sadly for WCCS, no one was in the box to finish it. Finally, it seemed luck had taken our side. The half time whistle blew moments later and the referee gave each side a minute to reflect and make changes if necessary. From them restart, Nemesis were at it again. Kennan played a wide ball to Eric on the left-hand side, where it was picked up and played to Nicolas. Nicolas was challenged by an opposition defender and the ball went out of play. The rest of the half, this time under the watchful eye of Mr Isaac, consisted of many runs by Nicolas and Eric as well as many attempts by Kennan and Sebastian. The highlight of the night, though, was another dangerous attack by WCCS, and this time, a shot was made from the halfway line as an opposition attacker spotted Gobind way off his line. Thankfully, luck was again on our side, and much to our relief, the ball graced the crossbar and went out of play. Nemesis were overjoyed when 10 minutes later (the match was cut short in the second half), the final whistle blew but WCCS was dejected at how such a tight match had turned on them. Thanks to a stunning left-footed strike from Nicolas at the end of the first half, the match finished Nemesis 1, WCCS 0. By Eric