Match Report
Westminster Under School Genesis vs  Westminster Cathedral Choir School
On: Wednesday, 09 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

We arrived at Battersea Park, feeling fit and ready to take on our opponents. There was a change of position with Alessandro in goal, Felix.Z in the centre midfield and Henry as right back.  The game started with Westminster Cathedral Choir School kicking off. Although our defence put up a fierce resistance, a winger charged down the left and fired a cross into the box. As the ball headed for the post, Ariel kicked the ball into the goal for an own goal.1-0  The game continued. Soon after, Westminster Cathedral scored their second goal, whizzing past Alessandro as a striker skillfully scored. We fought back, counter attacking with Henry managing to get a shot on the goal, but it was stopped by the goalkeeper.  Half time:2-0  There was a major line up reshuffle. Jamie was brought on, Dainton was in goal, Henry as centre back,Felix.Z as right back, Aarav as centre back and Taran as striker. Despite our new formation, our opponents took advantage of us being unable to remove the ball from box and they scored 3-0.  Soon after, a winger pierced our defence and before we knew it, the ball was already in the goal.4-0.  We counter-attacked fiercely, Taran charging up the pitch, taking advantage of the scattered players. But to our dismay, the ball was out for a corner. We took the corner, but unfortunately Felix.Z misjudged the ball’s distance and was unable to collect the ball and create a good chance. Soon our match was over.  Full Time: Genesis 0-4 WCCS