Match Report
Westminster Under School Boys-U13A vs  Berkhamsted School
On: Tuesday, 06 Nov 2018
Venue: Away

On Tuesday 6th November the Westminster Under Fives Squad went to Berkhamsted School. Fives, which originated at Eton College, is great fun as it is like squash but instead of rackets, hands are used, and the court has many more ledges so the ball is very unpredictable.

We set out at 3pm with high hopes and good spirits as the squad was bonding well. We had four pairs, two Under 13s and two Under 12s. Berkhamsted have a fearsome reputation as they start learning Fives in Year 3. However, we won five out of our eight games. The highlight for me was when Berkhamsted 1 played an amazing shot and turned away from the court to celebrate but then Nathan Wong somehow skilifully returned it to much jubilation on the Westminster 1 team.

The results:

Westminster 1 (Bruno Crosbie and Nathan Wong). Played three and won three: 8.0, 8.3, 8.1

Westminster 2 (Lukas Talmaci-Marby and Filip Petreanu). Played two and won two: 12.1, 8.7

Westminster 3 (Yeonbum Kim and Pranav Shah). Played won but lost 8.12

Westminster 4 (Alessandro Boccos and Shiv Thakrar). Played two and lost two, albeit narrowly in their long first match, 14.15, 6.12

Next term why don’t you think about joining the Fives team? Dr Horridge is a great coach, it’s brilliant fun and you might get to wear a cool Fives tie too!

Bruno Crosbie (Captain)