Match Report
Westminster Under School Trailblazers vs  Northcote Lodge
On: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

It was the perfect day to play football: the sun was shining and a gentle breeze kept it from being too hot. The opposition was Northcote Lodge, always a tough team to play against. They kicked off and the match began. We had lined up in a 2-2-3 formation with Rehan Gupta, Sebastiano Rebanato-Scott and Daniel Pesin as the 3 up front but Daniel would be more fluid than the other two, dropping back when needed. Henry Li was our goalkeeper, Harold Greenfields and Yilin Wang were in defence and Jonathan Chan and Ariel Leeb were in midfield. Alexandre Paul started as substitute but came on and played as a midfielder.

Rehan expertly intercepted their second pass, and sprinted up the wing. He then crossed it to Sebastiano, and he scored the half-volley.

Then, using a similar strategy as before, we pressed them hard for the ball immediately after the kick off. This time it was Daniel who made the tackle. Weaving in between defenders in a way reminiscent of Eden Hazard, he weaved his way through, before crossing to Rehan, who slammed it into the bottom corner.

For our third goal (which only came about 2 minutes after the first), they managed to get into our half for the first time, however briefly. Daniel made a brilliant tackle, and drew all the defenders onto him like a magnet. He left me only 3 players to beat, and after doing that, a simple tap into the bottom right.

Next, Harold made a brilliant tackle (no surprise to me after a year playing with him) and lobbed it to Rehan, who gave Daniel the perfect cross. He calmly and clinically smashed it into the bottom corner.

Off a throw in, the ball fell to Daniel. He brilliantly decoyed the defender marking me, and did really well to whip in a cross. I had to slide for it, but it was post-and-in. That was just the first 5 minutes. By now, Mr Daly realised that unless he did something about it, the match was going to end with a ridiculous scoreline such as 15-nil. So he swapped defenders for attackers, also giving them a chance to score.

After a lull in the action, I managed to break through, getting it to Ariel, who ran up the wing, passed back, and gave me a chance to whip in a cross. I did overhit it slighlty. Maybe a bit more than sightly, but Daniel did very well to recover it, and, with godlike accuracy, placed it perfectly in the bottom right corner.

Sprinting up the wing, Daniel whipped in a great cross, leaving me a simple tap-in.

He really deserved a hat-trick by now, and, just seconds later, he got it. I lobbed it to him in the box, and he smashed it into the back of the net. 8-0.

In the dying seconds of the match, I managed to pass it to Daniel one last time. From well outside the area, he smashed it in. The keeper didn't have a chance.

Scorers: Sebastiano Rebonato-Scott, 4

Daniel Pesin, 4

Rehan Gupta, 1

Assists: Daniel Pesin, 5

Sebastiano Rebonato-Scott, 4

Overall Score: 9-0

By Daniel Pesin and Sebastiano Rebonato-Scott