Match Report
Westminster Under School Vincent FC vs  The Hall
On: Monday, 08 Oct 2018
Venue: Away

Westminster Under vs the Hall School

As my team; the Vincent FC approached the field. Many of us were looking forward. For the match ahead we arranged our position – 2-4-2 with myself and Aymen being upfront, Max, Maximus, Uki and Rajesh being our midfielders. Our defenders were Michael and Leo. Ugo our brilliant Goalkeeper was on the ball the whole game.

As the whistle blew and muscles tensed. The game started. We kicked off with myself passing to Max and we approached the Goal. Maximus lobbed the ball to Aymen, and like Ronaldo, Aymen swiveled past everyone until he reached the goal. The first goal of the match was about to be scored, Aymen heaved his foot backwards and slammed it into the sphere. The Ball flew straight into well, the post.

Soon after, the opposition decided to make a move. Without hesitation, they lobbed the ball to their fellow players and as they neared the goal, they took a shot and scored.

Now it was time to get back to business. A few minutes later, I chipped to ball to Maximus. He tried to take a shot, the defender lunged for it and kicked it out of the field. Then I decided to take a shot. Can you guess what they did? They kicked it out again. Then Aymen decided to take a shot. They kicked it out again. As we missed many potential goals, half-time drew nearer until the whistled chimed once again.

In the 2nd half we decided to seek vengeance. Straight away, as they kicked off, I tackled their striker and passed the ball to Aymen on my right. He dribbled towards the goal. He booted it to me, and I chipped it into the goal.

We carried on playing the game at a full work rate and our amazing goalkeeper, Ugo, managed to save about 5 goals during the end half of the match.

Ayman neared the goal once more and slammed his foot into the goal. Once again, he hit the post.

We drew our match 1-1, but everyone in our team carried on even though we were losing from so early on and we really tried hard.

Vincent FC is enthusiastically looking forward to another amazing match that the sports teachers have so kindly prepared for us.