Match Report
Westminster Under School U13 (Yr7/8) Swimming Squad vs  Tonbridge School
On: Thursday, 01 Nov 2018
Venue: Away

Tonbridge Swimming Gala Report

By Matteo Aliboni

The swim squad met up on the 1st of November, under a sky of dull, grey rain clouds, forecasting a day of dreary weather, at least we wouldn’t miss any nice weather while we were cooped up in a boiling room next to a pool filled to the brim with freezing water. The ride there took one hour and a half of nervous silence. We arrived to get a beautiful welcome from a pool, and no one to swim against. Fortunately, our enemy arrived after. We were against 4 different squads however the competition was still tough.

Points were scored under the rules of five points for 1st place, four for 2nd place, three for 3rd place etc. After a short 10 minute warm up, the tournament started off with the individual races. Here are the highlights. The first race was 50 meters freestyle, I raced and finished 2nd. Definitely not what I expected would happen. The next race was 50 meters breaststroke, raced by Harrison who finished safely in 3rd place. So far so good. We had Aslan racing next and surprisingly finishing in 3rd, disregarding how young he was compared to his opponents. Carlo was up next, and he finished elegantly in 2nd place for 25 meters backstroke. Matthew did an amazing swim and finished in 1st place for 25 meters free, thrashing the other swimmers.

The scores were close, and they announced us to be in 3rd place, however now we had the relays, which counted as double points, these relays would decide how well we did in this gala. The first race ended with Westminster coming in 3rd, a good, strong start. I was in this race along with Aslan, Harrison and Kennan. The next race went just as well with us finishing beautifully in 3rd place again. This race consisted of Max, Harrison, Carlo and I. We entered the last race feeling quite light-hearted, however suffered a painful defeat when arriving in 4th. The final results were announced…we had come 3rd, only four points away from 2nd. We also all got some shining new medals. We headed home and the rain was really chucking down by then. Feeling very merry we spent the duration of the way back singing to songs.

A big thanks to Max who stepped in for several races at the last moment, even though he was definitely one of the youngest swimmers there. Also, congratulations to Max and Aslan, they are both in year 5 and were racing against year 8s yet they both got medals. Imagine how good they will be in year 8! All in all, it was amazing fun, a very well done to all the swimmers that competed in the gala, everyone represented the school very well. Also, congratulations on having the determination and commitment to take up your half- term for the Tonbridge gala. Finally, a massive thanks to Mr. Shaw and Mr. Dumar who went out of their time to give the squad such an amazing gala.

Thank you very much everyone!