Match Report
Westminster Under School U13 (Yr7/8) Swimming Squad vs  IAPS Swimming Championships
On: Friday, 01 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

IAPS write up

On Friday 1stFebruary 2019, Westminster Under School entered the IAPS Swimming competition for the first ever time. We would be competing against about 10 other schools on the day but it is a nationwide competition. Across the country, boys and girls in age groups U10-U13 would be taking part in both individual races and team relays. The top 20 times for each age group an in each race would then progress to the finals’ day held at the aquatics centre in Stratford.

The boys left school feeling excited and pumped up ready to represent not just the school but themselves too. We arrived at Latymer prep in the sleet and made our way to their swimming pool and got ourselves warmed up in our allocated lane.

Miss Zunic and I organised the boys and let them know what races they would be swimming and then it was finally time for the first race, which was to be the U10 4x25m Medley Relay. We had entered 2 teams into the competition in an attempt to get as many boys the chance to swim as possible. Our first set of boys came 2nd out of 6 and the second set a respective 3rd out of their 6. Off to a very promising start against some very good swimming schools.

The older year groups, though they did us proud, were against what seemed to be even stronger opposition and we managed a 3rd place and two 4th places, all out of 6; still very respectable.

Next it was onto the 4x25m Freestyle Relay and we were off to a superb start when our 1st year 5 team won their heat and the next came 3rd. Year 6 came 2nd and our other two teams both came 3rd.

The individual races followed and the boys started getting very excited that their moment was fast approaching. Special mentions should go to Tristan Chan, already swimming up a year group and managing to win his 25m Butterfly race. Alsan Eler swam his best timed 25m butterfly for school this year to record a winning time of 16.76s. Luke Pryce-Jones, again swimming up a year, managed to win his heat too in the 25m Freestyle with a very impressive time of 17.55s. Nicky Greco, swimming the same race in a different heat also won his with a time of 17.55s. Kai Napper managed a 2nd place in the U13 50m Backstroke with 38.18.

All of the boys who took part in the IAPS swim competition representing WUS made their teachers exceptionally proud and should be recognised for their effort they gave and way they represented their school and themselves.

We await the nationwide results with bated breath to see whether any of our swimmers have reached the finals and know you will join us in congratulating all who took part on the first of many IAPS swimming events WUS will be proud to enter.

Boys who swam:

Year 4:Ravi Bearelly, Tristan Chan, Nicholas Chryssicopoulos, Luke Pryce-Jones,

Year 5:Cullum Cader, Kingsley Slocock, Aslan Eler, Nicky Greco, Max Lui, Oscar Rupf, Doruk Sevinc,

Year 6:Jasper Booth, Harry Calcraft, Joe Havranek, Alexander Lee, Kuzey Mazi,

Year 7:Kennan Kesterson, Carlo Masoni, Michael Shvorob, Harrison Slocock, Zeb Jenkins,

Year 8:Matteo Aliboni, Matthew Kemball, Kai Napper