Match Report
Westminster Under School U13 Fourth XI vs  St Anthony's School for Boys
On: Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

4th XI Match Report vs St. Anthony’s School for Boys

St. Anthony’s started with the ball and they went past our defence only to be countered by our trio of defence, who sent it upwards to Rohan, I and Seba and we worked to cross the ball into the box, where Kennan neatly chipped it into the goal, all under a minute. 1-0! After the centre-kick, we quickly retrieved the ball, and Ivan made a swift run to the box. After one or two failed clearances the ball found its way to Ugo, who put away the ball into the net with no trouble. 2-0! After an attempt at goal (with a great save by their goalkeeper) when the ball was blasted upfield by Harold and Christopher, St. Anthony’s were on the attack only to be stopped by Yuki, who hammered the ball upfield. Ivan skillfully received the ball after a good pass by Henry and powerfully shot it into their goal from outside the box. 3-0! Dainton had not had too much to do in goal, but with the help of the Chris he cleared it and once again we were running up the field. After noticing there was nobody in the box I ran into a good position, and with a good cross from Kennan, I slotted the football into the net. 4-0! After a strong shot from Ivan, which unfortunately went over the crossbar, the first half was over.

After a quick team talk the opposition seemed to be much stronger, and Ugo decided to swap with Dainton in goal, who wanted to play outfield for a while. Jamie also came on for Ivan to be taken off. Though having slept through the first half, Jamie seemed entirely awake, and narrowly missed a shot from the halfway line. Subsequently, when Ivan gained the ball he cut through St. Anthony’s defence and crossed it, but instead of that cross reaching one of us, one boy on the opposition accidentally sent it hammering into his own net. 5-0! However, after the centre-kick St. Anthony’s ran down the field. Yuki and Harold made a good joint clearance, but our opponents got it again and Ugo made a brilliant save, before instantly passing it out to Yuki. Yuki managed to skill past two people and passed it to Henry, who passed it to Rohan, who passed it to Dainton. After being cornered near the edge, Dainton passed it to me, and I gave the ball to Jamie, who scored an amazing goal from outside the box. 6-0! After three minutes the game ended.