Match Report
Westminster Under School Carpe Diem vs  The Hall
On: Monday, 07 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

o connect because of the wet and tough conditions. After some good battles for the ball and some more solid saves by Zeb, the half time whistle blew.  After some encouraging words from Mr Gale and some quick substitutions, the match got underway again. Once more, Carpe Diem were on top of the Hall but failed to get many opportunities, even with some good passing by Nirvan and Ayush. Finally, when it looked like all hope was gone, Grady Miller took the ball from the halfway line, skilled out two defenders and slapped the ball right into the bottom corner and scored his second goal of the season! The super sub did it once again! After celebrating raucously, Carpe Diem got back into formation and the game resumed. After winning some good challenges and some tight defending by Kayaan, Krishna and Kamaran the full-time whistle finally blew.   Congratulations to the boys for getting their second win of the season and a huge thanks to Mr Gale who managed the team.