Match Report
Westminster Under School U11 Dynamos vs  Tri-angular Tournament v Arnold House and Hill House
On: Monday, 25 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

1st WUS 19pts GD of 7

2nd Hill House 8pts GD of 1

3rd Arnold House 7pts GD of -8

The breakdown of the different tournaments was as follows:

In the Arrows tournament:

1st WUS 3pts GD 1 GF 3

2nd HH 3pts GD 1 GF 2

3rd AH 3pts GD -1

In the Blazers tournament:

1st WUS 6pts GD 2

2nd AH 1pts GD -1 GF 2

3rd HH 1pts GD -1 GF 1

In the Colts tournament:

1st WUS 6pts GD 2

2nd HH 3pts GD 2

3rd AH 0pts GD -4

In the Dynamos tournament:

1st WUS 4pts GD 4

2nd AH 4pts GD 4

3rd HH 1pts GD -1