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Westminster Under School U13 Table Tennis vs  The Academy, Hampstead
On: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

Result: WUS 18 matches v The Academy 15 matches

We had a very enjoyable afternoon with 33 singles matches completed (the first boy to win 2 games won, so the best of 3 games up to 11).

Only four WUS boys put themselves forward to play initially, and as The Academy had brought 8 boys: Aidn, Sacha, James, Jimmy, Joseph, Max, Charlie and Avery, we actually ended up playing four singles matches simultaneously with the fifth table for the four Academy boys who weren't playing at that time. Our boys therefore each played 8 matches back to back (against the 8 Academy boys) and The Academy boys played 4 matches each (against our 4 players). Their Captain, Aidan, who is now in Year 6 has been coming since he was in Year 4 as he is an exceptional player! He and Edward had such a good contest that there was time for them to have a return match just at the end, hence there were 33 matches and not 32! Edward won the first match and Aidan won the last match, so we await our return fixture eagerly!

Kyle stood out as he had only played since the beginning of term and he did very well but he was so exhausted playing without any break, that Nate stepped in to take over his last couple of matches.

Edward won 7 out of his 9 matches. Kuzey won 6 of his 8 matches. Martin won 5 of his 8 matches. Kyle lost his 6 matches and Nate stepped in and also lost both of his matches.

It was great fun to play singles as normally all the matches are doubles matches and we haven't yet had a chance to practise doubles properly yet.