Action Photos
Westminster Under School Boys-U13A vs  The Academy, Hampstead
On: Wednesday, 09 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

We had a very exciting game against the six Year 7 pupils from The Academy. They fielded a team of five boys and one girl. We decided to play all 18 pupils, who were present in three teams of six.

The Year 8 boys requested to play together so we let them and they also had Anson helping them out. The remaining Year 7 boys split themselves into two teams.

Our first team, captained by Oscar and wearing pink tops lost four goals before they had blinked! But they then regrouped, changed the goalkeeper a couple of times and settled down and the result in the end was 0 - 8.

The second team of Year 8 boys and Anson next stepped in and quickly took charge of the match - some wonderful goals and a lot of (legal) barging by Alejandro led to a 10 - 1 win, so the cumulative score was now 10 - 9 to us! Step up the Green team, lead by Angus - this was the closest match of all and their result was 0 - 2 so the final scores was actuall 10 - 12 with The Academy stealing the win! I must especially mention Angus who was brilliant in goal! Nate had lots of shots on goal but needs to develop a more powerful throw!